Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use beard oil?

Basically, we can say that beard oil is the most important thing your beard needs to stay healthy, hydrated, good looking and shiny. It also helps in the beginning stage of growing a magnificent beard, the stage most guys fail because of disturbing itching. Beard oil keeps the skin hydrated and moisturized, itch-free and it also provides nutrients which helps beard growth and keep it healthy. It’s also essential for longer beard while the nutrients keep it healthy and oils make it hydrated and softer. It looks more under control and as a bonus it smells amazing. Our oils contain 100% natural carrier and essential oils, so there are no perfumes or parabens included. Each characters’ scent is achieved using the blend of essential oils only.

How do I use beard oil and how often can I use it

Using the oil is quite simple, don’t be scared. Ideally, after a shower, dry your beard with a towel, shake closed bottle, so the oils are mixed well and then pour necessary amount of oil on your hand (turn the bottle upside down and shake it little bit if necessary – the oil should start to drop out nicely). Rub your hands together and massage the oil into the beard and skin. The amount of oil depends on the length of your beard and your personal preferences (someone doesn’t like too much while the others love to have shining and magnificent looking beard). The oil should be used every day after a shower. It is also safe to use it couple of times during the day if necessary, especially during the hot summer days to keep the beard and skin hydrated (don’t forget to drink as well…I mean the water, maybe some beer here and there…).

Why should I use beard soap?

Whether you like it or not your beard works as a filter of dust and particles in the air, the food you eat and anything you have on your hands when touching your beard. If you have shorter beard the dirt is also absorbed into your skin which can negatively affect the beard growth. So, washing your beard should become part of your daily routine. Our soaps are natural and do not dry your skin, nor beard, they do exactly opposite – moisturize and hydrate your skin. Skin removed of toxins looks healthier and better and on the top promotes beard growth.

How do I use beard soap and how often can I use it?

Ideally, during the shower, when your beard is wet rub the soap between your hands so it will start melting as a normal soap and apply adequate amount on your beard and skin. Basically, it’s the same as washing your hair. Don’t forget to massage it through your beard into the skin as well. Then just rinse the foam with the water. We would recommend to use the beard oil afterwards. You can see how to apply it in the paragraph above. Using the soap should be part of your showering routine, or at least every other day, so your beard stays clean and healthy.

Do you ship worldwide?

Even though we have a beard we are not Santa Claus and therefore we are not able to provide our products worldwide yet. If you have a couple of flying reindeers which could help us deliver it, write us! And also maybe some elves…to handle the bureaucracy…

Can I return purchased products?

Our goal is to bring you the best quality products possible that will bring you joy, but if you still want to return the products for any reason at all, just write us at and we will take care of you.

Why should I buy your products?

Are you a man? Do you have a beard? If you don’t you are probably just jealous, right? Decision is clear!

Why do you not guarantee shipping?

We can only guarantee what is in our control. The same way our customers place their trust in us and our services, we as a customers of shipping providers place our trust to them. We believe this way the strong relationship is built.

When will my order ship out?

Every order should be shipped in 3 business days, but we are always trying to bring you the joy of our products as soon as possible therefore we are trying to ship it out the day the order is placed.

Can I also become the bearded hero of the Bearded Tales, such as viking, hipster or gentleman?

Of course! Every bearded guy is our hero. If you’ll prove your passion for Bearded Tales it would be an honor to promote you between our heroes ranks.